A Ronald McDonald Family Room Snapshot: The Ong Family

The Ong Family

Jen and Feng, who represent the dynamic duo that serve our local NYC families through the family room at NYC Health + Hospitals/Elmhurst, shared this incredible story about one of their families this week. Reading this story certainly was a perfect way to start the week. Enjoy!

The Ong Family

For the past 3 weeks, they, here at the Elmhurst family room, had the chance to work with and help the Ong family in the pediatric unit. The Ongs, including their nine-year-old son who underwent two stomach surgeries during their three-week stay, received constant support. The mom and two younger siblings stayed with him every day to keep him company, while their father went to work during the day.

Jen and Feng brought snacks and beverages to the family during their daily visits to the pediatric unit and eventually they convinced Mom to visit the Ronald McDonald Family Room.

Finding Relief

Upon her first visit to the family room, Mom was pleasantly surprised at how much the family room had to offer and how comfortable it felt to be there. Since then, each day, Mom and her two youngest kids would spend two to three hours in the space during the afternoon while their oldest napped. Their daughter particularly enjoyed the space because she could watch her favorite YouTube channel, Cocomelon (specializing in educational children’s songs), while sipping on some apple juice and having a snack.

Saying Goodbye is so Wonderful Sometimes

When the Ong family was finally discharged, all the pediatric doctors and nurses on duty gathered to celebrate the son’s successful recovery from the surgeries. The family came in for one final visit to say goodbye and express their gratitude. Jen and Feng prepared a custom parting gift bag for the family and wished them all the best.

jen and feng at El mhurst family Room

Jen and Feng at Ronald McDonald Family Room at NYC Health + Hospitals/Elmhurst.

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