How We Celebrate Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September signifies so many new beginnings in our world today. September brings on the fall season and the cooler weather. It al...

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A Viking of Valhalla Joined Our House

Leo Suter, star of Netflix's global hit series “Vikings: Valhalla” joined our families recently for a wonderful virtual Meet & Greet. This even...

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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month at RMH-NY - Piper's Story

Every 3 minutes, a family comes to grips with the sobering new reality that their child is the 1 in every 285 kids in the U.S. who has received a cancer diagnosis. To this day, cancer remains the number one cause of death by disease for children in America. That is why RMH-NY strives to make our biggest impact as we grow our mission.

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Family Rooms Hospital Outreach

A Letter from a Mother in the NICU

When I got admitted for my pregnancy for the arrival of my daughter, my fiancé would often come visit the family room and then come tell me about the room. At first nothing mattered but the health of my baby, until that one day my fiancé took me to visit the family room. I never looked back.

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volun volunteers Wellness Programs

How the Smallest Action Makes the Biggest Impact

It was a tiny thing, but it brought her hangout buddy so much joy and happiness. Kelly knew that it was obviously worth it. Plus, she is now quite the skilled technician with a mouse after moving digital Jenga blocks for hours upon hours during the Pandemic.

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Ronald McDonald House New York is More Than Just a House

  Ronald McDonald House New York's expansion to help vulnerable and impoverished families here at home could not be possible without the support o...

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Beau Loevner: Ronald McDonald House New York's Four-Legged Celebrity Volunteer

Caroline and Beau never really slowed down from the moment they received their certificate to help. They lived on the Upper East Side of New York City where there was never a shortage of organizations that could always use a helping ‘paw’.

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Families Family Stories

Ronald McDonald House New York: Where Sisters Get to be Sisters... Together

...the devastation, sadness, and loneliness that Piper and Peyton felt not getting to see one another for three weeks at a time while Piper was in the hospital in Arizona, was now a distant and hopefully forgotten memory soon. 

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News Officers press

RMH-NY CEO & President Dr. Ruth Browne named a Crain's New York Business' 2023 Notable Leader in Health Care

Ruth Browne President, CEO, Ronald McDonald House New York President and CEO Ruth Browne promotes the mission of Ronald McDonald House New York,...

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Caregivers Family Stories Kids

Meet Casey and Andrew

"Thank you. You changed our lives and I firmly believe you saved Andrew's. I don't think it would have been a good outcome if we had to go a different way. I really hope that you continue to donate to help kids like him. (Your donation) have been life changing for my family."

                                              -Casey to RMH-NY Donors

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