Manteniendo a las familias cerca

Families fighting cancer can find the circle of support they need, right here

When families travel to New York City for their child’s life saving cancer treatment, Ronald McDonald House New York offers them a safe, clean, and supportive place to stay close to most major hospitals in NYC. RMH-NY offers a host of amenities including private bedrooms, family rooms, kitchens, a library, an all-new playroom, laundry facilities, tutoring, support and wellness services for caregivers, and transportation.

Most importantly, Ronald McDonald House New York creates a home-away-from-home where kids can be kids first and cancer patients second.

Frequently Asked Questions


What makes a family eligible for a room?

Families with a child (ages 0-26 years) currently undergoing active cancer or other complex treatments at a partnering New York City hospital are eligible to stay in a room at Ronald McDonald House New York. Eligible families will be up-to-date on all required vaccines.

How does a family request a room?

All room requests must be made through a social worker from one of our partner hospitals. A request does not guarantee a room, and we ask all families to confirm their reservation 72 hours in advance of their expected arrival date. Day-of reservations are possible and based on availability. Please reach out to your hospital social worker or a member of Family Support for more information.

May a family stay at the House if their child is being seen as an outpatient only?

Yes, those undergoing active treatment, inpatient or outpatient, are eligible to stay with us.

Your Room

Can other family members stay with a family?

Siblings and other family members who are acting as support are allowed to stay in the room. All family members must be registered in our system and those 18 and over must carry a House photo ID card. Any changes to a reservation, including adding an accompanying guest, must be made through the referring hospital social worker.

How many people can stay in a room?

Four people, including the patient (even if the child is currently an inpatient), may stay in the room at a time. This is based on fire code and New York City safety regulations.

How much does it cost to stay at Ronald McDonald House New York?

The actual cost to operate a room is $310 a night; however, families are asked to donate $35 per night. Payment is NEVER required for those who cannot afford it. The difference is made up through donations. Thanks to your contributions, it is a global RMHC policy that a family never be turned away because of their ability to pay.  

What does the House provide and not provide?

  • - We offer a wide variety of toiletries, baby items, cleaning supplies and snacks, however all of these items are donation-based and availability is not guaranteed.
  • - We have pack-n-plays available as well as potty chairs, baby baths and strollers upon request.
  • - We do not provide any medical supplies or machines.
  • - We provide clean linens and towels, cleaning supplies, hairdryer, laundry basket, safe, a mini fridge and an iron and ironing board.
  • - Each room also comes with a TV and a phone.
  • What do I need to bring with me to check in?

    Families should bring the following :

  • - Photo identification for each guest (age 18 or older) who will be staying in the room
  • - Signed policy documents from the hospital social worker.
  • - Weather-appropriate clothing
  • A favorite toy or blanket.
  • - Items to make your room your home (you may choose to bring family pictures or linens from home.
  • - A stroller.
  • What should I not bring with me to check-in?

    • - Alcohol is not permitted on the premises.
    • - Families are not permitted to have any appliances in the room due to fire safety protocols. Any rice cookers, hot plates, toaster ovens, etc. should be kept in the second floor kitchens.

    Who will clean my room during my stay?

     You! We provide cleaning supplies and ask that families maintain their rooms during their stay. If you need additional supplies, or you need something fixed don’t hesitate to reach out to the front desk.

    If a family needs to return at a later date, can they reserve a room?

    Yes. Families must still go through a social worker at a partner hospital to make their return reservation. Any changes to a reservation, including extending a stay or accompanying guest, must be made through the social worker as well.

    What kinds of supplies are provided in a guest room?

    Clean linens and towels, cleaning supplies, hairdryer, laundry basket, safe, and an iron and ironing board are provided in all rooms.

    House Rules

    What security measures are taken to ensure the safety of guest families?

    The safety and security of our families is a top priority. There are numerous policies and safeguards in place:

    Our doors are locked 24/7. All individuals accessing the House must either use their key card or be allowed in by our Front Desk team. All guests are registered in our system and must carry a House photo ID card. All staff, families, and volunteers must wear their ID badge while in Ronald McDonald House New York. All visitors must sign in at the front desk and be met in the lobby by the family or staff. Visitors are only allowed in the living room or lobby, and are absolutely not allowed on any of the guest floors. During the day, families will be welcomed by a House greeter, and at night, families will be met by one of our friendly security members.

    Can a family go home and keep their room?

  • - Because we strive to help as many families as possible, we are unable to hold a room for a family while they are not using it. Families will need to make a separate reservation through a social worker.
  • - For extenuating circumstances and possible exceptions, please reach out to Family Support.
  • Can a family have more than one room (for example, a second room for a nurse or grandparent)?

    Ronald McDonald House New York is full to capacity nearly every night. We can only allocate one room per family due to a high demand for rooms.

    Are families permitted to have visitors?

  • - Yes. Visitors are welcome, but may only visit in the Macy’s Living Room. For security reasons, no visitors are permitted on the guest floors under any circumstances. Visiting hours are between 9:00am and 9:00pm. All visitors must check in at the front desk.
  • - Due to COVID-19 specific policies, we are no longer allowing visitors. Exceptions can be made for medical or educational reasons. Please reach out to Family Support with any questions or concerns.
  • Can visitors attend the evening meals?

    No. Unfortunately, due to space restrictions, we are unable to accommodate non-registered guests.

    Is smoking permitted at the House?

    Absolutely no smoking or vaping is permitted in the House or within 100 feet of our building. Families are also not allowed to bring alcohol, illegal drugs, guns, weapons, candles or incense into the House. If management suspects that a guest has brought or used these prohibited items, we reserve the right to ask you to forfeit your reservation status.

    Can I bring my service dog to the House?

    Yes, certified service dogs and emotional support animals are allowed at Ronald McDonald House New York. Please inform your Hospital social worker regarding this need prior to your reservation.

    Is there a curfew?

    There is no curfew at the House, and we have 24-hour reception at the front desk. We ask families to be mindful of quiet hours and to reduce noise at all times. Quiet time is between 9:00pm and until 8:00am. Radios, televisions, and other devices should be kept very low so they cannot be heard outside of family’s rooms.

    Is there a dress code?

    Shirts and footwear must be worn in all public areas.  Families are reminded that this is a shared “home” and attire can be relaxed but should be appropriate at all times. 

    What if someone in my family has an infectious disease?

    All guests must be free of fever, cough, sore throat, or flu like symptoms prior to check-in. If you exhibit these symptoms, or become ill during your stay, please wear appropriate masks and protective gear in public spaces and quarantine yourself in your room. Please advise your social worker and a staff member so that we can take proper precautions.


    What amenities does Ronald McDonald House New York offer?

    Ronald McDonald House New York offers families a safe, clean, and supportive environment in close proximity to major hospitals. We provide private family rooms, kitchens, computer rooms, a playroom, wellness center, laundry facilities, tutoring, complimentary wi-fi, family support services, serenity space, and transportation to and from hospitals. We also offer programs and activities designed to enrich our families’ stays. Most importantly, we provide a loving environment where kids can be children first and patients second.

    Are meals available at the House?

  • - Dinners are provided by generous corporate groups and volunteers Sunday - Friday and on Sunday unless otherwise noted. Dinner normally starts at 6:30pm (5:30pm on Sundays in the winter). The House hosts a Breakfast group on Saturday unless otherwise noted and are able to offer occasional breakfasts and lunches throughout the week as well.
  • - We have an incredible community that supports our House and the families staying here in providing three meals a day, seven days a week!
  • - When available, menu's for the day is available on the House QR code and on the welcome screen in the main lobby.
  • - All meals are packaged individually and served by our volunteers in our second floor dining room.
  • - Breakfast is available to go in the communal fridge on the second floor, or in breakfast bags in the pantry.
  • - Lunch is served from 12 PM- 1 PM.
  • - Dinner is served from 5:30 PM- 6:30 PM.
  • Does Ronald McDonald New York offer transportation?

    Transportation is offered 7 days/week to our partner hospitals on a set schedule. If you are using a car, many of our families use side street parking and/or parking garages. Taxis, car services, and trains are also easily accessible. Many hospitals are within walking distance. Please feel free to talk to our staff if there are any further questions about transportation and parking.

    Does the House provide internet access?

    Yes. Families can access free wi-fi by filling out a short screening form on their smartphone, tablets, and computers.

    Can mail, flowers, packages, and gift baskets be sent to a family at the House?

    Yes. Families can accept packages at our front desk. Please send mail addressed to a patient by name and room number, so we can easily locate their room information.

    Is parking available at the House?

    - We do not have parking facilities. We do not have special arrangements or discounts with parking garages. Families will need to find on-street parking or utilize one of several parking garages located in the community. Reach out to our Family Support team for our Neighborhood directory.

    Is there maid service?

    Ronald McDonald House New York does not have a formal housekeeping department. All families are required to clean and maintain their rooms and kitchens on a regular basis. When using the kitchen space please clean up after yourself. Please wash and place all dishes in the dishwasher for sanitizing. Guests should NOT bring food to store in their guest room. Please store your items in your assigned kitchen bins and pantry.

    Is there babysitting service?

    Staff and volunteers are not responsible for the supervision of children. Parents and caregivers are responsible for the supervision and safety of their children at all times. Ronald McDonald House New York is not permitted to open the guest rooms for children under 13. However, we can refer families to neighborhood services.

    Where can I obtain a stroller?

    Families must speak with the Front Desk or another staff member to learn about our stroller program.

    Where can I store my medicine that's needed to be refrigerated?

    Medications of any kind are to be stored in the Medicine Refrigerator and are to be discarded at check-out.


    Where can guests purchase groceries?

    There are several supermarkets and restaurants near the House including Morton Williams and Matter of Health. Guests can also access food items from our Parents Pantry.

    Where is the closest walk-in medical care?

    NYP Urgent Care is located at 525 East 68th Street and York Avenue. City MD is located at 3rd Avenue and East 67th Street.

    Where can I find a 24-hour pharmacy?

    Please reach out to and we can provide you a list of pharmacies.

    Where can I get my haircut?

    Please reach out to and we can provide you a list of places to get your haircut.

    Where can I find my house of worship?

    Please reach out to and we can provide you a list of places of worship within walking distance to Ronald McDonald House New York.

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    We provide complimentary transportation for guests with scheduled medical appointments at our partnering hospital locations.
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