Running for Healing and Hope: Francisca Taylor's Inspiring NYC Marathon Journey

The New York City Marathon is not just a race; it is an event that brings together thousands of very disciplined individuals each striving to make a difference. Among these passionate participants running in the marathon this year is Francisca Taylor, an extraordinary woman who is certainly running for a purpose.

Read on as we will delve into Francisca's deeply personal story and shed light on how the House’s dedication to providing an endless and seamless circle of support for children with serious illnesses and their families has made an everlasting difference in her life.

Francisca's Story

Ric and Francisca enjoying the RMH-NY kitchens

Francisca Taylor's connection with Ronald McDonald House New York is a testament to the vital role the organization plays in the lives of families facing very challenging circumstances. Having experienced the support and compassion first-hand, Francisca's journey is one of resilience, healing, and remembrance.

Francisca, a devoted mother, once found solace within the walls of RMH-NY when her son Ric battled a serious illness. The House provided a comforting and nurturing environment, allowing Francisca to focus solely on her son's well-being. Francisca’s time in the House was one of positivity filled with moments that created the greatest memories for her family.

Tragically, Ric passed away, leaving an indelible void in Francisca's heart. However, she transformed her grief into a powerful source of motivation, determined to honor Ric's memory and give back to the organization that had been a lifeline during their most challenging times.

So Many Memories from RMH-NY

Francisca and Ric had only been in the House for a few months, but initially Ric tended to stay close to their room and felt ambivalent about the service offerings the House made available to kids his age.

With time and in response to his mom's encouragement, Ric gradually began exploring the Playroom, where he slowly began to shed his shell.

During the rest of their time in the House, it was difficult to find a moment when Ric was not in the playroom coding, gaming, or talking about the arts. Ric explained to his mother, “I didn’t know what to expect at first. I really didn’t, but it is so open here. The staff and the volunteers are so nice.”

When they used to reminisce about their time at RMH-NY, RIc and Francisca had fond memories of the W.I.N.E. DJ workshop event, their visit to the Empire State Building, their court-side Knicks game experience, and their participation in the RMH-NY Board Meeting.

Their favorite memories, however, came from interacting with other families at the House. Francisca explained how meeting families from all over the world who understood what she and Ric were going through was life-changing. For Ric, watching the younger kids in the House, who were similarly struggling through such difficulty but always smiling and laughing, was invaluable. It instantly cheered him up.

Ric was a visitor at RMH-NY

At RMH-NY, Ric said, “Everyone here views each other as family. So you just don’t feel uncomfortable. It’s really a home.” Francisca echoed this sentiment, summing up her experience by saying, "We do not know where we would be if that woman in the elevator never told us about RMH-NY. This place is really our home away from home."

The NYC Marathon with Ronald McDonald House New York

The NYC Marathon presents an incredible opportunity for individuals like Francisca to combine their love for running with their desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Ronald McDonald House New York has established a dedicated team of runners who participate in the marathon to raise funds and awareness for children battling cancer and so many other life-threatening illnesses.

Visiting the official Ronald McDonald House New York City marathon webpage  can help you to gain insight into RMH-NY’s participation in the event. The page highlights the significance of the marathon, the impact it has on the lives of families, and the collective effort to raise funds that directly support the House's programs and services.

Franscisca and a volunteer at RMH-NY pose for a picture at dinner in the 2nd floor dining room

Francisca's Marathon Fundraising

To support Francisca and the Ronald McDonald House New York's marathon efforts, individuals can visit the secure donation page. This platform allows donors to contribute directly to the cause, ensuring that the House can continue to provide essential support and resources to families facing immense challenges.

Francisca's dedication and resilience serve as an inspiration to anyone who hears her story. By raising funds in Ric's memory, she channels her grief into a force for positive change, embodying the spirit of hope and healing that Ronald McDonald House New York represents.

Impacting Lives One Runner’s Stride at a Time

Ronald McDonald House New York has been a pillar of support for families all over the world, offering a home away from home during the most trying times. More recent initiatives have placed RMH-NY’s attention on families specifically dealing with health equity issues in the five boroughs of New York City. Our long list of services, including lodging, meals, and emotional support, alleviate the strain on families, allowing them to place all their attention on to their child’s healing.

DJ Ric at the House

DJ Ric 

The heartwarming video above showcases the stories of families who have received assistance from Ronald McDonald House New York. Their testimonials highlight the crucial role the House plays in providing a sense of normalcy and comfort during the often-overwhelming journey of caring for a seriously ill child.

Support Francisca’s run and, in turn, support so many families that need our help now!

Support Francisca

Give to Ronald McDonald House New York and directly impact families in need.


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