Ronald McDonald Family Rooms: Nurturing Hope and Culinary Delights for Families in Need

 Jen and Feng with donuts at Elmhurst Family Room

Ronald McDonald Family Rooms, an integral part of Ronald McDonald House New York's (RMH-NY) Strategic Growth Plan, play a crucial role in supporting local New Yorkers with children receiving treatment at either New York Health + Hospitals/Elmhurst or New York Health + Hospitals/Kings County. These family rooms serve as comforting spaces within hospitals, providing solace and essential services for families navigating the challenges of having a child receiving treatment in one of the many pediatric units. Plans are already underway to open more Family Rooms in 2024.

In particular, Ronald McDonald Family Rooms serve as sanctuaries for families facing the challenges of having a child in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). In this article, we delve into the heartwarming stories shared by Feng Jin, a dedicated family room associate at New York Health + Hospitals/Elmhurst Hospital, shedding light on the profound impact these spaces have on families' lives.


Supporting Families Through NICU Journeys

Feng Jin's stories highlight the emotional rollercoaster that families often experience in the NICU. One particularly touching tale revolves around a couple who found themselves amid a two-and-a-half-month NICU stay with their premature twins. Overwhelmed with the experience of having twins in the NICU, the couple was unsure of where to turn, until fate intervened.

Feng Jin introduced them to the Elmhurst Family Room, a space that would become their refuge during this tough time. What began as a stressful journey transformed into a tale of gratitude and shared laughter within the comforting walls of the family room. The couple, not first-time parents but navigating the unique challenges of premature twins, expressed their profound thanks for the comfort provided by the Ronald McDonald Family Room.

With its warm atmosphere and supportive community, the family room became a source of strength for the couple. As the twins progressed in their NICU journey, the couple found themselves eagerly anticipating their eventual homecoming. However, the bittersweet reality set in as they prepared to bid farewell to the family room, a space that had played an integral role in their NICU experience.

 Feng at Ronald McDonald Family Room at Elmhurst with culinary delights for NICU babies and parents

Ronald McDonald Family Rooms Foster Community

During their time at the Ronald McDonald Family Room, the couple went beyond being recipients of support—they became part of a community. They even brought their older children to visit, creating lasting memories and connections. Their 3-year-old son, captivated by the warmth of the space, would shed tears every time it was time to leave—a testament to the familial bonds formed within the Family Room's walls.

As one of the twins was discharged, the family celebrated with a special NICU graduation bag, thoughtfully loaded with double the essentials to accommodate the twins. The mom, surprised with her favorite dessert, a Tres Leches cake, expressed both joy and sadness. The couple's journey wasn't over entirely, as the other twin was transferred to a different hospital for a special surgery. Yet, the family room's impact remained, and the couple left a heartwarming message in the guest book, a tangible symbol of the profound connections forged within the nurturing environment.


Culinary Delights for Caregivers

a selection of culinary delights for families at Elmhurst Hospital

In addition to emotional support, Ronald McDonald Family Room at Elmhurst has introduced innovative culinary experiences for families seeking a break from the routine. Two secret menu items, The Cosmic Smoothie and The Mangonada, offer a delightful departure from the usual offerings.

  1. The Cosmic Smoothie features Welches fruit snack bits infused with a signature silky smooth mango smoothie.

10 Cosmic Smoothies displayed on a table

  1. The Mangonada is a classic Mexican-style mango smoothie with a touch of Chamoy sauce and Tajin seasoning for a zesty kick.

The Mangonada with straw for sipping is a feature at Elmhurst Hospital in the Ronald McDonald Family Rooms

These culinary experiments not only cater to families' taste preferences but also add a touch of joy to their hospital experience. It reflects the commitment of the Ronald McDonald Family Rooms to go beyond basic amenities, striving to create an environment that nurtures both physical and emotional well-being.

These secret menu items go beyond mere sustenance; they represent an effort to bring joy and variety to families enduring challenging circumstances. For those who have been visiting the family room regularly and yearning for something different, these culinary surprises offer a welcome reprieve, turning the family room into a place not just of solace but also of tasty delight.

More food from Ronald McDonald Family Room at Elmhurst


Integration with RMH-NY's Strategic Growth Plan

The stories shared by Feng Jin are symbols of Ronald McDonald Family Rooms' pivotal role within Ronald McDonald House New York's Strategic Growth Plan. These rooms are not just physical spaces; they are pillars of support, aligning with the organization's mission of providing a supportive home away from home for families with sick children.

Within the broader context of the strategic plan, the family rooms play a vital role in enhancing the overall well-being of families facing medical challenges. The personalized care, emotional support, and innovative experiences offered within these spaces contribute to a holistic approach, addressing not only the practical needs but also the emotional and psychological aspects of a family's journey.

The Ronald McDonald Family Room's impact on the couple with premature twins showcases how these spaces can turn a challenging journey into a transformative experience. The couple's initial worries dissolved as they found solace and community within the family room, underscoring the importance of these spaces in ensuring families feel supported, understood, and cared for.

A friend poses with food from the Ronald McDonald family Room ready to eat.

The culinary experiments within the family room add an extra layer to this holistic approach, recognizing that the well-being of families and caregivers encompasses not just emotional support but also the joy derived from shared experiences, including culinary delights.


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