October 12, 2020

On this episode of Here and Now, an examination of the damage caused by racism in America. We'll talk to one trauma therapist who says the solution lies in healing our minds and bodies -- even before the protests begin.
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September 16, 2020

Ruth Browne, president and CEO of the Ronald McDonald House in New York City, said Wednesday that there's good news to report in the battle against cancer and highlighted the organization's "September Step Up" challenge, which is geared toward raising funds for patient care.
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September 10, 2020

YFJ Consulting, LLC 's WOC- Women of Color in Fundraising and Philanthropy™ along with its sister group Allies in Action™ announce their fall calendar of events, gatherings and their first annual S...
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May 13, 2020

In honor of National Nurses Month, Ronald McDonald House New York assembled and delivered wellness packages to doctors and nurses at Elmhurst and Kings County Hospitals, as part of the organizatio...
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April 15, 2020

It's understandable to feel overwhelmed during the coronavirus pandemic. And if you're not an essential worker, you're hopefully staying at home and self-isolating right now, which makes it difficult to help. But there are ways — if you want to do more to contribute to your fellow New Yorkers, we've compiled a list of how to donate, volunteer and support local businesses below.
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April 13, 2020

One New Yorker is sharing a message of positivity for children staying at Ronald McDonald House in the city during social distancing, and asking others to do the same.

Lauren Goldberg wants New Yorkers to share their messages of positivity written on their windows with dry-erase markers by taking pictures for social media using #HopeForTheHouse.

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