2019 July E-News - Alejandro

You Help Alejandro Feel Better


No parent is ever prepared to hear that their child has leukemia. But when Ronald heard his son’s diagnosis, he feared the very worst. He and 8-year-old Alejandro live in Honduras, where the cancer treatment Alejandro needs simply isn’t available.

For Alejandro to have a fighting chance, they were going to have to leave home. They came to New York City, looking for the best, most advanced medicine available.

At first, they stayed with relatives in a cramped and overcrowded apartment in Brooklyn. It was no place for a sick child, and Alejandro suffered. He became depressed and withdrawn, and his legs — weak from illness and inactivity — fractured in three places.

Then, a social worker told them about a place you make possible — Ronald McDonald House New York. That’s where Alejandro and his dad spent the next four months, and everything changed. They went from living on an old couch to staying in their own room, with access to a kitchen, dining room, play room, and Alejandro’s favorite spot to explore: the terrace.

“When we came to this place, Alejandro became a happy kid again,” his dad explains. “Now he’s free.”

Thank you for giving Alejandro a loving place to stay — and recover. You’re giving him his best possible chance to get well.


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You gave a family a “home” on the other side of the world




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