Family Room

Photo of the newly renovated house Family Room

What is a Family Room?

Often steps away from a pediatric or intensive care unit, Ronald McDonald House Family Rooms offer a place for families to rest and regroup right at the hospital, just moments away from their sick child. When families walk into a Ronald McDonald House Family Room, we want them to forget they’re in a hospital.  Ronald McDonald House New York's first Family Room opened at the Kings County Hospital Center in January 2017. 


Why Kings County Hospital Center?

Our strong partnership with Kings Country Hospital Center includes a tradition of bringing our excellent programs to Brooklyn! From a simple afternoon of arts and crafts for those who are in patient, to costume parties and celebrations for patients and their families, we are committed to easing the stress of a hospital stay. We are thrilled that Kings County Hospital will be our first Family Room in the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation because we know this effort will make a big impact on those we serve. Our Family Room opened in January 2017 and is a place of respite for all of those recieving in patient treatment at Kings County Hospital Center. 


Volunteers Needed!

The volunteer will be a friendly face for the families and will assist them while in the room to ease their difficult time. The Kings County Hospital Family Room will be staffed with volunteers 7 days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 pm.


If you are interested in volunteering in our Kings County Family Room, please email Caitlin Conklin at