Blavatnik Family Foundation Wellness Center

Blavatnik Wellness Center pedicure chair shot

Taking care of the caregiver is a necessity not a luxury…

The Blavatnik Family Foundation Wellness Center serves the caregivers staying at RMH by providing respite and critical self-care support for the mind, body and spirit. With that mission in mind, a variety of fitness classes and equipment, meditation sessions, massage and spa services, healing music classes, nutrition workshops and stress-management discussions are offered on a daily basis. Thanks to the incredible generosity of our talented and dynamic wellness volunteers, our caregivers are able to practice yoga or simply get their hair cut and styled without having to leave the House or be far from their loved ones. The center’s beautiful view and airiness offers a serene, peaceful space to have a cup of tea or coffee, a fresh smoothie or healthy snack, read in the sunshine, or simply take a rare moment to one’s self to breathe and connect with other caregivers. In the spirit of meeting the needs of our wonderfully diverse House population, programs such as seasonal and cultural cooking, knitting lessons, DIY craft projects and guided walking tours of New York City are regularly scheduled throughout each month. Special events, such as Spa Night for Caregivers hosted by New York’s premiere Peninsula Spa and Nutrition Workshop Circles, allow caregivers to relax, be cared for, and learn how to optimize their own health and wellness while staying at the House. 

The generous gift from the Blavatnik Family Foundation provides a home for the Integrative Wellness Program at Ronald McDonald House New York. The Blavatnik Family Foundation Wellness Center increased the availability of these services by providing a beautifully designed and relaxing environment which restores and rejuvenates mind, body, and spirit.

Interested in supporting this program as a volunteer? We are looking for practitioners and organizations to volunteer their time and resources to help the Blavatnik Family Foundation Wellness Center grow. Learn more about volunteering here.