It’s a phrase uttered time and time again throughout the hallways at Ronald McDonald House New York: "Where would we be without you?" Our leadership ensures that Ronald McDonald House New York is a place of refuge and peace for families fighting cancer. We have a small staff of over 40 people who show kind, caring hearts and hands day in and day out. Our leadership also includes a Board of Directors and a Board of Associates made up of some of the finest minds in the financial, medical, and retail communities, and members of the media, legal, apparel, and maritime communities. These diverse, highly respected leaders offer valuable insight into how we can provide the best possible support solutions for our families now and in the future.

Harris Diamond
Chairman of the Board

Milton R. Berlinski
Vice Chairman

Ruth C. Browne, SD
President & Chief Executive Officer

Bruce D. Colley
Vice President

Robert Grubert
Vice President

Richard J. O’Reilly, MD
Vice President

George Simeone
Vice President/Finance Committee Chair

Shelly S. Friedman, Esq.

James F. Flanagan

Jan Navatkoski 
Chief Financial Officer

Tina Lundgren 
Chairman Emeritus

Stanley B. Shopkorn
Chairman Emeritus

David A. Preiser

Steven J. Bensinger

Vivian Harris (in memoriam)
Past President

Timothy G. Baxter

Terry Bovin

E. Randall Clouser

Jesse Cole

Linda H. Dunham

Randel A. Falco

James E. Fitzgerald, Jr.

Gregory J. Fleming

Deborah Freer

Sara Furber

Cindy Price Gavin

Judy Gilbert

Maria Ginzburg

Joseph R. Gromek

Ellen R. Harris

Robert Howe

James A. Jacobson

Gary LaBarbera

Sacha Lainovic

Kenneth G. Langone

Candace Leeds

James P. MacGilvray

Eric Mandelblatt

Beth Ann McQuade

Michael Miebach

Ralph Monte

Benjamin G. Neel, MD, PHD

Scott M. Panzer

Frank Pellegrino, Jr.

Lee H. Perlman

Gino Potesta

Kathy B. Presto

Jason A. Rabin

Michael E. Roemer

Myron "Mike" Shevell

Steve Shiffman

Joan M. Squires CEBS

Raymond M. Tierney III

Richard Wurtzburger

Kathryn Beal, MD

William L. Carroll, MD

Jerry de St. Paer

Alexander Dimitrief

Casey Gard

Michael A. Giunta

Theodore P. Janulis

Thomas M. Joyce

Robert E. LaBlanc

Timothy J. Mahoney, Jr.

Joel Newman

J.E. Reeves, Jr.

Rick Richardson

Clifford A. Sterling

Akash Appachi

Eric Anton

Michael Antonacci

Laura Arnold

Zoe Baris

Leslie Barrett

Michael Brill

Jesse Cole

Danielle DiFerdinando

Patricia Donaldson

Christopher Dorrian

Todd Forgione

Deborah Freer

Rachel Friedman

Lauren Goldberg

Daniel Grattan

Kimberly Honig

Lauren Hopkinson

Joseph Hornstein

Emiley Jellie

Casey Kriedman

Rachel Leinwand

Michael Marrale

Jason Reina

Daniel O'Regan

Christopher Spahr

Thomas Strohmenger

Graham Uffelman

Guy Weltsch

Liz Wintrich

Christa Zambardino

Executive Leadership

Ruth C. Browne, SD
President & Chief Executive Officer

Jan Navatkoski
Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Foster
Chief Brand & Communications Officer

Richard H. Martin
Director of Development

Nelida Barreto
Director of Programs, Hospital Outreach, & Family Rooms

Winifred Cudjoe
Director of Operations

Sharon Lane
Manager of Corporate Affairs

Programs Department

Benjamin Winsten
Senior Program Associate & Camp Director


Jennifer Ricca
Hospital Outreach Program Associate


Jillian McKiernan
Wellness Manager


Dominique St. Germain
Family Room Coordinator


Jacklyn Sander
Program Coordinator

Feng Jin
Program Associate


Nadia Leonard
Program Associate

Finance & IT Department

Stephen Yarri

Edward Cho
IT Manager

Steve Yarri

Eileen Hakin
Finance Associate

Nancy Garcia
Finance Assistant

Olajumoke Dogue
Senior Accountant

Human Resources Department

Dawn Opantiri
Human Resources Generalist

Meredith Lewando
Human Resources Coordinator 

Demetria Montgomery
Human Resources Associate

Development Department

Nicole Battista
Development Officer, Online Strategies 


Anthony Cardiello
Development Officer


Spiridoula Katechis
Greek Division


Jerome Kelton
Senior Development Officer


Karen Kirk
Assistant Director of Development and Director of Special Events


James Molloy
Development Officer, Community Fundraising


Alexa Lansing
Donor Stewardship Associate

Wilma Alago
Donor Database Coordinator

Kathleen Sepulveda
Development Coordinator


Volunteer Department

Caitlin Conklin
Volunteer Services and Communications Senior Manager

Mauri Honickman
Volunteer Coordinator


Daniele Starfield
Volunteer Coordinator

Marketing Department

Marian Gryzlo
Director of Corporate & Strategic Partnerships


Nicole Kelly
Marketing & Communications Associate


Operations Department

Joane Masetti
Evening Manager

Darlene Lord
Assistant to Director of Operations

Ashley Green
House Manager

Dianne Dennis
House Manager

Manuel Cespedes
House Manager

Joseph Manfredo
Building Engineer